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Leigh Naylor, managing director of Loryan Micro Renewables has a decade’s experience in the field of solar power in domestic, commercial and agriculture sectors. Here he considers the advantages of portable solar panels for use on narrowboats:

For years the most common way for boat owners to power lifestyle items such as fridges, TVs and lighting has been through running a diesel engine or portable generator to charge batteries. Not only does this disturb the peace of a quiet mooring, it’s also not an environmental or cost effective way of obtaining energy.

Batteries are often abused as boat owners allow the batteries to drop below 85 per cent state of charge which impacts on the battery’s life. The most healthy batteries are ones that are kept 80 per cent or above. Most people have no way of measuring the level of battery charge but with solar your batteries are charged throughout the day, dependent on the solar radiation. When the sun comes up (often before most of us are in our beds) the solar energy can recharge a depleted battery in three hours – enough to start your engines.

Environmentally, solar panels make perfect sense; the sun provides us with clean renewable energy totally free of the toxic gases which are associated with other forms of power production, for example, an average 265 watt panel offsets a quarter of a ton of carbon per annum. More efficient use of the boat’s batteries also means they last longer and that also helps to keep our environment healthy.

Obviously you need to make a reasonable investment to fit solar panels but you will benefit in the long term by making considerable savings on fuel costs, engine wear and battery replacement. Solar generates 80 per cent of its annual production between September and March, so slightly oversizing your solar system will allow for self-reliance throughout the winter months.

Using a Loryan Micro Renewables 265 watt kit a live aboard boater can reduce their annual diesel costs by 40 per cent, however, adding a large enough solar system and reducing your consumption of electricity on your boat by installing LED lights and replacing old electrical items with modern power saving ones you will assured of being self-reliant on solar power.

Whilst we can all agree solar panels are the way forward for the environmentally aware, price savvy boater not all panels are the same, this is why we install quality eminent brands like Mastervolt and LG / Panosonic Solar which we retail in our kits at market leading prices, furthermore we are so confident in the quality of our product we offer a 10 year guarantee with each panel.

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Our purchasing power and efficient business practice allows us to deliver solar power cheaper than our competitors.


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More than 10 years industry expertise allows us to specify and supply the most practical and cost effective power solutions.


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Loryan Micro Renewables offer a full turn key installation on all complete solar kits, guaranteed for two years.


Quality assured

25 year power generation warranty and 25 year product defect warranty with every solar panel supplied by Loryan MR.

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